Friday, 19 June 2009

Sterling Bear's Holiday Pictures 2

About a hundred years ago Tyssedal was no more than a couple of farms and a beautiful, wild river that ran where we are standing now. Then some men decided to buy the rights to the waterfalls and build a hydro- power plant. Within only a year and a half they had the first part up and running. That is rather impressive if you consider that they had no mashines like we have today. If you want to see some pictures of the building of the old power plant you can go here:

The building behind us is the old turbine hall. Inside there were several turbines producing eletricity to run the first factory in the area. The factory used to make calsium carbide for lamps used in British mines in the early 1900s. This building is no longer used as a production hall, instead it is a part of the museum in Tyssedal, NVIM.

These days the production halls are situated deep inside tunnels in the mountains. The water is channelled in such a way that it hits the turbines in thin beams, almost as thin as needles, but still with enough power to make the turbines spin extremely fast. This is what a turbine looks like.

The eletricity that is produced here provides the power to run the metal factory you can see in the background, Tinfos Titan & Iron, and other factories. Many people in Tyssedal work at TTI, like some of our parents.

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